About Us

Jourdak® Professional Equipment 

Jourdak Professional Equipment was founded by Sacha Sebban and Troy Hinson. Both Troy and I come from a Consumer Goods background, more specifically, the Personal Protective Equipment field with a long history of a very strong customer service support system.

With so many mediocre products in the marketplace, we really wanted to create a line of Personal Protective Equipment that stood out not only for its quality and innovation, but also our "over the top" customer service and support that quickly responds to each and every customers needs and wants. 

EarMine® Hearing Protection

As an avid drummer and guitarist, I personally wanted to create a "Total Hearing Protection" line of products that focus specifically on hearing and hearing preservation - That was the impetus for our EarMine® line of ThermoFoam® foam earplugs for sleeping and our EarMine® Pro High Fidelity earplugs for musicians, DJ's, Concert goers, motorcyclists, etc. 

Our Promise To You

Troy and I have searched far and wide to find the latest and greatest technology and innovation that we can pass on to the consumer as we really care about what we sell and we want our customers to also have a great experience using our product line. 

We have an unconditional replacement program for any customer that is not 100% satisfied with the quality of any of our products. 

We will continue to put out only the highest quality products with the most innovative features and benefits. That is our promise to you. 


Sacha Sebban

CEO Jourdak

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